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  This machine has only one pair of friction. It is made of graphite and antifriction polymer. There are no springs. Thanks to this design, the machine has the lowest possible friction and heating losses, spending maximum battery energy to perform useful work.
  Comes with a magnetic stand with a soft pause function that does not require power.
  Uses the most common universal battery type 18650.
  Has modes of indication of charge, voltage and current duty.
  Possesses non-volatile memory of indication mode and settings in memory cells.
  Fine tuning of voltage in 0.1 volt steps.
  Function of smooth change of engine speed when switching on / off and changing the memory cell and pause.
  Connector for charging, which is active both in the off mode and during operation.
  All body parts are made from high strength aircraft alloy B-95.
  Works with disposable Cheyenne D-GRIPS holders.
  Holder position lock.
  Extended range of an optimum operating voltage.
  Universal purpose (Contour, shading, shadows).

Contents of delivery:

Evolution 2 machine. Magnetic stand with soft pause function. Two batteries of 18650 type. Original wire USB Type-A to USB Type-C for charging the machine directly. Spare position locker. Spare O- ring. Warranty card.

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